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Hair rebonding for men 2009/6/20 07:51
This might sounds like a stupid question but it bothers me to ask.

Do Japanese guy rebond their hair?
Or maybe it's just naturally straight..
by Kim (guest)  

Hair 2009/6/20 15:11
What does "rebond" means in English? the majority of Japanese, like most Asians, have naturally straigth hair.
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rebond 2009/6/20 18:30
kinda hair treatment that makes your hair straight.
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hair iron 2009/6/20 19:53
Most Japanese men (and women) don't have purely straight hair, and a great number of them even have curly hair.

Nowadays, "hair iron" (type of hair drier to make your hair straight) is the common tool young men use to mode their hair. Then they stiffen it with "hair wax".
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thanks 2009/6/21 08:40
Thanks for the info.
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