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Japanese model used in oversea 2009/6/21 22:09
Hi guys,

I was wondering is it possible to have Japanese model video camera NTSC be used in PAL system through some converter hardware like this website


Has anyone actually tried it out and whether it works? And also the staff told me that the Japanese model system cannot be used in English operating system as in the software of that camera itself the reason being my computer is an English operating system. To be specific I am talking about HDC HS300 camcorder from Panasonic. I really hope I can buy it here in Japan and use it back in my country which is operating PAL system. It's my favourite model and plus it's really good deal.

Please help me... thanks.
by tonil  

. 2009/6/26 10:44
If you have an NTSC compatible device (tv or dvd player), HS300 would work through an AV cable. I hear most of TVs and dvd/video devices sold in UK and europe are NTSC compatible type. If your TV is type of "PAL60" (in UK), it means that is NTSC compatible.
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. 2009/6/26 17:25
The problem is not so much the NTSC-PAL conversion, but being able to get the files off the cam and onto your computer. I think this is what the sales staff were trying to tell you. I don't know this camcorder enough to say if the onboard operating language can be switched from Japanese to English or if you would be able to download the English software from the Panasonic website that would enable you to transfer the recorded content from the cam to your computer, as you are going to have to get the files off the cam's hard drive.
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