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Hypermarts nearest to Shinjuku 2009/6/22 08:52
Tokyo 23-ku

Can I know where to fnd the nearest Hypermart to Shinjuku, like Jusco? I am looking for inexpensive groceries, so preferably not the ones in Shinjuku itself.

Thank you.
by Apple76  

... 2009/6/22 14:00
Apple76, is there anything you're particularly looking for? Kankoku Hiroba (韓国広場)and Niku no Hanamasa(肉のはなまさ)in Higashi Shinjuku are not big but sell groceries relatively cheap.

Kankoku Hiroba
2-3-11 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku
(open 24H)

Niku no Hanamasa is opposite to Kankoku Hiroba.

If you don't mind taking trains, you may consider going to Nakano/Asagaya area. There're several middle-size supermarkets (Seiyu, Tokyu-store) near the stations.
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. 2009/6/22 14:24
Hi Ogojo

I am looking for Japanese sauces, instant curry, instant noodles and tidbits etc. The Kankoku Hiroba are Korean right? I don’t mind taking short train rides as long it is cheap with wide variety.
If the supermarket is together with shopping retail malls, it will be great too. I went to a Jusco once in Sapporo and had a great time there shopping for cheap kids clothings and groceries.
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SEIYU 2009/6/22 17:40
How about SEIYU in Takadanobaba? Takadanobaba is only two stations away from Shinjuku by JR Yamanote line.
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not near Shinjuku 2009/6/22 21:38
Generally you have to be in a much smaller city than Tokyo or way, way out in the suburbs to find hypermarts like Jusco- nearer in than that and there simply isn't the space for a building that large. I live in a suburb to the west of Shinjuku and am not aware of any hypermarts within a reasonable distance of here.

Having said that, the ordinary supermarkets like Seiyu as above offer plenty of things at reasonable prices.
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... 2009/6/22 21:42
Seiyu in Asagaya has just been renovated and is bigger (5 stories) than that in Takadanobaba (2 stories). It takes only 8 min by JR Chuo line (170 yen) from Shinjuku station.

If you look for Jusco, how about dropping by Aeon shopping mall on your way to Narita Airport?
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. 2009/6/23 10:22
Dear all

Thank you for all the feedbacks.

Guess we will go to the one in Asagaya. Can I see it when exit from the station? Is there any thing else I can visit nearby to this station? I have a free day without plan so far, so hope to plan something.

And yes, I will be dropping by Aeon shopping mall on our depart day since our flight is in the evening.
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Some Other Ideas 2009/6/23 17:36
Akabane has an Ito Yokado, a Daei, and a Seiyu all quite close to the JR station. There is an arcade with a 5-story Daiso 100-yen shop ( a pretty good one) and there is an okashi (snacks) specialty shop in the same arcade right near the JR station. None of the grocery stores are terribly exciting, but prices are good. I was just there yesterday buying omiyage and okashi to take home to the U.S. and I thought the Daiei had a fairly good selection of okashi.

Akabane is not really a tourist destination, but you can get there in under 20 minutes for 210 yen on JR.

I didn't go to the Asagaya store, but I went to a couple of other Seiyu sstores. I prefer Ito Yokado and Daiei but it's really a matter of preference.

None of these places compare to the Jusco at Narita Aeon in terms of selection, however.

If you want to shop until you drop, head to the new Laketown Mall at Koshigaya in Saitama. It has a large Jusco plus a LOT of other stores. Generally speaking I am not much into shopping, but this mall is impressive. It takes almost an hour to get their from Shinjuku, though. Maybe if you have a rainy or extremely hot day. Go on a weekday, though.
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Koshigaya 2009/6/28 15:52

I would to go to this Laketown shopping mall but it's quite a distance away. Is there anything else I can go sightseeing for, on the way to Koshigaya ?

Thank you.
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Single Destination 2009/6/28 21:47
Others might know of something, but I am unaware of any major or even minor sightseeing attractions en route to Aeon Laketown, and there is absolutely nothing around the mall area. I would go there only if you love to shop and can afford the better part of a day out of your itinerary devoted to that. Also, be aware that in essence it is nothing more than a huge Western-style shopping mall. It is not targeted toward tourists, and the merchandise is all things that Japanese people buy (but there is a wide selection, not limited to fashion--I picked up a lot of cute kid's things there).

On the positive side, it is quite easy, although not terribly cheap, to get there on public transit (there is a JR station right at the mall). (If you are looking it up on Hyperdia, the station is Koshigaya-Laketown, and don't omit the hyphen!) This does make it attractive as a rainy day pursuit, if you're not interested in museums and such. Also, it's open late (until 10, but I don't know how many trains there are returning that late).

For what it's worth, here is the mall's web site. I don't think they have an English page:
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Tks 2009/6/28 21:59
Hi Uma

That's one of my objective, kid's stuff! I loves the non branded kids' clothing which I bought from Japan, especially the end summer sale which usually will drives me crazy. I will probably see how this can fits into our itinerary. Having going to a non touristy shopping mall is also what I have in mind.

Is the supermarket there huge?
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Laketown 2009/6/29 00:22
I didn't look for clothing at all but there must be lots of stores there that have it (I just tend to ignore clothing places so I didn't notice). By the way, I wouldn't rate this mall as a super bargain destination. The prices were not terribly high and I did find a few things on sale, but I can't say that I saved a lot of money by going out there. It just allowed me to do a highly concentrated bout of shopping in one area, without jumping from place to place in Tokyo. And it's very pleasant there.

The Jusco supermarket is very large (I would call it huge) and there is also a second supermarket (Maruetsu). I didn't even go to that one; I intended to but ran out of time. This is truly a huge mall; I was there for more than four hours but barely covered half.
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Kid's Clothing 2009/6/29 00:40
You might be interested in the following thread on a different forum:

Regarding the Jusco supermarket at Aeon Laketown, I meant to say that I would call it huge for Japan; it's as big as any I've seen there. By U.S. standards it would merely be considered large.
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