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too fat to dress like giesha 2009/6/22 14:25
i am a size 22 australian female and i am going to japan in sept and would like to dress up as a giesha at one of the photography places and was wondering if anyone knew what sizes they can do i am worried i will book but then be to large to do it
by SABRA (guest)  

ask them 2009/6/22 16:09
email them and ask- all the places with websites in english will be able to answer you in english. i am afraid that it is quite possible that they dont have kimonos in your size though.
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Japanese size 2009/6/22 17:30
As far as I checked the clothe size conversion,

JP : 7, 9, 11, 13, 15
AU : 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

In Japan, common size for female is 7-13, from 15 up 19 you have to go to special shops handling larger size.
It is very hard to find size over 21, for daily clothes.
When it comes to kimono, it is more adjustable compared with western size but I'm afraid you will not find your size at photo studios...

But before giving it up, why don't you contact a photo studio or two?
This is the first one that appeared my googling with "Kyoto kimono photo studio".
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. 2009/6/22 21:52
My mother is a large woman and they had no problem fitting her at the studio in Kyoto in Gion. Don't worry.
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time! 2009/6/24 12:36
you have until september! you have enough time to drop a few sizes. do your best! you will still be fairly large but you'll be able to hit the larger size ranges of japanese clothing if you start exercising and watching your diet now.

you can do it!
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You will be fine 2009/6/25 04:27
Sabra, If my conversions are correct, I believe I wear a larger dress size than you do. I did the Geiko dress up/photographs when I was in Kyoto a couple of years ago. The girls that dressed me were amazing, and made it work and look gerat. While I may have looked a little ridiculous dressed as a Geiko and not being petit, it is something I really wanted to experience and I'm very glad I did. I would say go for it, and don't think twice about it.
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Most are of adjustable size 2009/7/4 17:34
Like this webpage indicates: http://www.kimono-yukata-market.com/catalogue/pic/yukat...

Most kimono and yukata are of adjustable size. I'm a US 20 / 18 and I brought a yukata in Japan. They had small, medium, large, XL, XXL. I brought large and it was too big. I think for a large size you can adjust it from 20 to 50 inches waist. (Not sure about CM, sorry...)
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..good news ... 2009/7/6 17:21
The answers here are very positive, I will look into it again. I am a size 14 and had heard I was too large to do this - I have wanted to since I was very young so will be trying to find out more for my trip next year.
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