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Tickets to Tokyo concert 2009/6/23 04:53

I'm leaving for Japan for five weeks next Monday, and while I'm over there a favourite artist of mine Ben Folds is playing in the Liquid Room in Tokyo. Since I don't speak Japanese and since I can't order tickets given the short time available, I'm wondering what the story with buying concert tickets over in Japan is? I hear Lawson is a good place for such things? I know the gigs may well be sold out (details http://www.liquidroom.net/pickup/1090721) but since I may well be around Tokyo on the 20th / 21st if there are still tickets available it would be a shame to miss it!

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Try Lawson 2009/6/23 12:23
Yeh, Lawson convenient stores have a ticket machine where you can buy all sorts of event tickets.
As far as I found, it isn't sold out. Take this number 70984 to Lawson and you can buy tickets from the machine as long as they are still available. Wouldn't surprise me if it does get sold out but you never know.
Tickets are 5800 yen and a drink charge is separate (usually 500 yen) which you have to pay so make sure you have some money with you.

They staff at Lawson will help you if you have the details written down for them.
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Loppi at Lawson 2009/6/23 13:11
L code = 70984
gKonnichiwa. Loppi de concert no ticket o kaitai desu. Yoyaku shitenai desu. Code o shittemasu.h
(Hello. I would like to buy a concert ticket using Loppi. I have not reserved it. I know the code. )

A Loppi machine issues a coupon. Please be sure to complete payment and exchange for your ticket within 30 minutes.

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Thanks 2009/6/24 01:48
Thanks for the help, will pop into Lawson when I get over there and try and sort it out. Hopefully the two gigs won't sell out in the meantime!
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3 concerts 2009/6/24 09:00
I just looked it up and it seems he is playing 3 concerts, the Nano Mugen Festival (http://www.nano-mugenfes.com/09/en/) in Yokohama on the 19th and 20th, and a concert of his own on the 21st (July) in Tokyo (Liquid Room).
For the concert, the code for the Loppi machine at Lawson is 75695. So if his stand alone concert is sold out, you can head along to the festival if you are up to it.
If you find out all tickets are sold out, you can always just rock up and see if there are scalpers. I am pretty sure they are illegal, but there are usually a few hanging around holding up signs reading "Need Tickets" to pretend that they too are looking for tickets when they are actually selling them.
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