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Question about carrying engagement ring. 2009/6/23 17:53
I am sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum, but I will be leaving for Japan next week. I have a question about how to carry an engagement ring.

Do you feel it would be alright and/or safe to keep it in my checked baggage as opposed to my carry-on? Or would it be better to keep it in my carry-on bag?

Thank you very much for any advice. I am really looking forward to going to Japan next week.

Take care,
by jpopking (guest)  

Luggage 2009/6/23 21:35

99 times out of 100, it would probably be OK in your checked-in luggage, but why take that risk? I thought it was common sense to keep valuable or fragile items in one's carry-on luggage.
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Thank you. 2009/6/23 22:19
Hi Dave,

I just wanted to double check if it would be alright to carry it on a carry-on. This is my first time going overseas. Thank you very much. Take care.
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