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buying travel insurance 2009/6/23 19:17
Hi.. I am about to apply for schengen visa (Europe) and one of the requirement is travel insurance. Do you know any insurance company (in Tokyo) that offer a cheap travel insurance? my duration of stay is less than 10 days. thanks
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... 2009/6/24 13:08
I believe that under Schengen visa there is a minimum insurance coverage amount, so you cannot just go for *any* travel insurance. You can ask at any travel agency in town such as JTB.
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insurance 2009/6/25 11:53
I read about it on a European forum and it seems that one needs to be insured for at least 30 000 Euros, or something like that, so the person--from eastern Europe-- thought that she had to have 30 000 Euros in their bank. Whenever I travel to the USA from Canada, even for a day trip, I get a standard short term travel insurance for $ 1 million that cost me something like $ 12.00. For a month in Europe or Japan or ...it cost just a bit under $ 50. Likely there is something similar for someone from Japan going to Europe?
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insurance 2009/6/25 11:57
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