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Anyone know where to see a Keirin race? 2009/6/23 23:01
My girlfriend and I are going to Japan the last week of July and she is really interested in seeing a Keirin race at one of Japan's many velodromes. We haven't settled on our exact itinerary yet, however after some preliminary searching I found out there there will be a special "summer night race" for two days at the Kawasaki velodrome which seems reasonably accessible from Tokyo. I also have learned that the Keirin races are more like going to greyhound/horse races, where in people mainly are going to bet. We don't want to do any betting though, so I'm wondering if that will be an issue; also we would obviously want to be sitting next to the track and not in one of those betting rooms with TVs everywhere. From what I can tell, tickets range from 300-1000 yen in price, but I was worried about having trouble buying them from the person at the ticket booth (not understanding what I need to ask for, etc).

If anyone has experience going to a Keirin race, please help me figure out how to go about it. Also, let me know if there's a better velodrome or race going on other than Kawasaki; we'll be there from 7/23 - 8/1.

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Kawasaki Velodrome 2009/6/25 12:27
- No betting won't be an issue.

- How to buy tickets at Kawasaki velodrome

See this map and ticket price guide at the velodrome's website.


You can just say to the person at the ticket booth "Back stand" if you ask for "back stand reserved seats" (#1 at the map, 800 yen), "Theater" asking for "theater reserved seats" (#2, 1000 yen), and "Pair" for "a pair special seat" (2000 yen), "Royal" for "royal special seats" (3000 yen) at #4, adding "Ni(mai)" or just "Two (tickets)" will, I think, be understood by them (when asking for a pair seat, you have to say "Ichi (mai)" or "One (ticket)").

The ticket booth for reserved seats is at #3 and the one for special seats is at #6.

Note that you also need to pay 100 yen for admission.

Enjoy the excitement of the race!!!
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Ah, 2009/6/25 13:05
You didn't want to be at the "theater seats" in the betting room with TVs :)

You might also want to know that "main stand seats" (300yen) at #5 are sold at #3 booth.
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