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Shinto Shrine Model 2009/6/24 05:26
I hope I do not offend anyone, but I am very interested in architecture, especially detailed architectural models. Would it be OK to purchase a small wood model of a Shinto Shrine for decoration in my house?
And is it OK put something non-religious in the interior "room" of the shrine. I am not a member of the Shinto religion. By the way, the model is one of many being sold at a Japanese antique shop owned by Japanese Nationals in San Francisco. Thank you for any advice.
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It depends on your outlook 2009/6/25 10:08
There is a particular sort of miniature shrine, usually sold at large shrines like Ise and Idzumo, which is of a sacred nature. It represents a smaller, home-version, of the shrine where it originates and has been prayed over by the priests at the shrine. These are not usually detailed architectural models, but small wooden buildings or rather simple design that are meant to house prayers or plaques. If it disturbs you to use a religious object as a decoration or curiosity, you should avoid these.

As for models of shrines or temples in a general sense, I don't think they have any more religious quality than, say, a model of a castle or Notre Dame Cathedral. Models of this type are often displayed in tourist offices and auxillary shrine museums which are of a more secular nature.

In any case, religion is one of those things that holds value only if you believe in it. If you don't follow Shinto, don't live in a Shinto nation and don't have any hardcore Shinto-following visitors to your home, then it seems a bit silly to be worried about Shinto taboos or superstitions. Use your own judgement.
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Thank You! 2009/6/27 00:16
Thank you Mia for your answer. I appreciate your advice. Have a great day!
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