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Takayama/Shirakawa-go/Tsumago in 3 days? 2009/6/25 13:19
Ifll be in Japan for about 4 weeks this summer, starting July 1st. I roughly split the time between Tokyo and Kyoto, with about 3 days in-between (Ifll be leaving Tokyo on the 14th and my stay in Kyoto will start on the 18th).

During these three days, Ifd like to see Takayama, Shirakawa-go, and some of the Kiso Valley (Tsumago and Magome). After looking at several maps and rail lines, it seems Ifll have to backtrack (possibly several times) to see these places. My original plan was to go from Tokyo to Takayama, get a hotel there, and then make day-trips from there to Shirakawa-go and Tsumago/Magome. Unfortunately, I think Ifll end up going back and forth a lot by doing this.

I donft want to waste tons of time backtracking in trains/busses. Is there an easier or more efficient way to see these three locations in three days? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
by klox  

suggestion 2009/6/25 14:44
If you don't mind changing hotels, consider the following:

From Tokyo, it's about 3 hr. JR to Nakatsugawa with a train transfer in Nagoya. Nakatsugawa is the nearest rail station for Magome. There is bus connection between Nakatsugawa and Magome. The rail station for Tsumago is Nagiso which takes longer to get to and less convenient as it may involve another train transfer in Nakatsugawa. Stay a night in Magome for your visit to Magome and Tsumago.

Again it's about 3 hr. JR from Nakatsugawa to Takayama with 2 train transfers. If you prefer, you can go back to Nagoya. Nakatsugawa Nagoya Takayama takes a little more than 3 hrs. by JR.

Shirakawa-go can be done as a daytrip from Takayama by 50 min. bus. From Takayama it's about 3 hr. JR to Kyoto, again with a transfer at Nagoya.

If you don't have to stick to train, there is a direct highway bus from Tokyo to Magome, but it takes more than 4 hrs.
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