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movies with osaka-ben? 2009/6/25 17:55

Can anyone recommend any good movies where the characters speak in Osaka-ben? The only one I've seen is "Lovely Complex."

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. 2009/6/25 21:46
I've seen it used in some Yakuza movies, can't remember names.It is uncommon because the same words mean different things in Osaka ben so there might be confusion.
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. 2009/6/25 23:06
You might want to try "難波金融伝・ミナミの帝王" (Minami no Teiou) starring Riki Takeuchi. Also, aminated film and TV cartoon series "じゃりン子チエ" (Jarinko Chie). But don't expect all you hear is "normal" Osaka-ben.
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... 2009/6/27 11:42
Thanks, I'll try to watch it sometime^^
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Macarthur’s Children 瀬戸内少年野球団 2009/6/27 18:20
Are you in U.S.? If so, the easiest movie to get may be "Macarthur’s Children". 瀬戸内少年野球団
It was the story of children in Awaji Island near Kobe. However, their dialect they were speaking in the film was almost same as Osakaben.
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