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Sumo Tickets 2009/6/26 05:39
I am going to the Sumo Tournament in Fukuoka in November.

Because the online ticketing system only delivers to Japanese hotels on a 'cash on delivery' basis, does anyone know if hotels will generally let you pay them in advance by credit card and then they pay for the ticket when delivered ?

How do they organise this usually ?

by Oscail (guest)  

Re: 2009/6/26 22:57
You can get sumo tickets by EMS at this site.
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Thanks xexstyle 2009/6/27 00:05
Thanks for that xexstyle. Do you by any chance have any information on these people ? They don't show any email address, postal address, fax or phone number.
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Re: 2009/6/27 00:43
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Go ahead. We don't bite! 2009/6/27 09:17
(I apologise if I'm out of line by posting here)

Oscail, why don't you contact us using the form, and just ask if you want any of this information. We'll be happy to provide any information you request. There are various reasons why we keep that information off of the website, but we always provide it for people who contact us.

By the way, the 'online ticketing system' that you found is probably the one for the July Nagoya tournament. Is that right? I don't believe there is such a thing for the Fukuoka tournament.
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