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It is acceptable to go braless in Japan? 2009/6/30 01:29
I am planning to go to Japan this summer. With looser tops, I tend not to wear bras. Is this acceptable in public? (I am 21 & a size 32A/70A if it makes a difference)
by Jenny (guest)  

Braless 2009/6/30 10:11

You won't get arrested or anything, but in my experience, it is not at all common for young women to go obviously braless in Japan. It seems to be mainly only the older age group (over 60 or 70) that is happy to let it all flop out.
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From a Japanese woman 2009/6/30 10:31
Not quite common. Depends on (sorry to put it blunt) how much things may be seen through. Girls walk around with sleeveless top with soft molded cups inside for cover, that's fine. There are things like skin-colored band-aid kind of sticky things you can place over your nipples, that's fine. Just don't let things
be just too obvious, you might send out the wrong signals.
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. 2009/6/30 10:52
As AK pointed out, you might have unplesasant stares. You might even send a message that you are avialable. If it doesn't bother you, there is not reason you don't go braless.
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Recommend not.... 2009/6/30 14:18
I agree with the three commenting above.

That sounds too adventurous, so to speak, and may be risky.
It depends on situations but if you are obviously braless
on a street at daytime, someone kind or meddlesome may reprove you,
on a crowded train, you may be aimed at with malicious eyes,
in an entertainment district at evening, you may be mistaken for a girl entertainer.

Generally, as along as a person is wearing clothing, just being braless doesn't constitute a crime in Japan.
But, I recommend that a lady of 21 doesn't become braless outdoors even in a hot summer.

Have a nice trip!

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hints on what you can do 2009/6/30 14:36
For the reasons pointed out, I wear a tight camisole at home, braless, but put on a baggy button down, without buttoning it down, when I go out to the supermarket. When I catch a train, I usually button either the higher half or the lower half, just so that I'd look more handsome. Bras give me shoulder-aches, even though the size of my breasts hardly give me reason to wear them.
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Not done 2009/6/30 15:08
I agree with the above- it is not really acceptable in Japan, and you can expect disapproving looks from some women, and possibly unwanted stares from some men if you don't wear a bra and it is at all obvious. Bras here actually tend to be extra thick in order to avoid the slightest possibility of the shape of the nipples showing through.
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I will definitely wear a bra! 2009/6/30 21:58
Thanks for the feedback. It is clear that I should wear wear a bra!
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ok 2009/7/3 01:13
i dont think you have to, when i was in japan i saw lots of young girls without bras...i mean it was so bouncy that i had to stare, but like other posters said...if u dont want to be stared at then wear one...hehehe the good life
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