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second hand car parts in japan? 2004/6/21 17:49
do you guys have any idea where i can buy some second hand performance/racing parts for my honda in tokyo or in yokohama?
by erin  

used parts in japan 2004/7/24 19:51
yes here are two places you can go one called U-PARTS and one called UP GARAGE u parts phone number is 0457711388 if you still need help let me know at hbauto@hotmail.com I sell used cars and some parts so if you need more help just let me know please if you email me put need parts in your subject line so i won't delete it as spam
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ask abot buying second hand car parts 2004/7/29 20:25
can you please provide me about the living in tokyo for 20 days and how much does it cost and can i as foriegn rent a car please i have alot to ask you can you answer ? in fact i hope that i found all parts i need but this trip is difficult to me because its the first time so i hope that you provide me with the way where . how . costs .where can we sleep and how much all these questions i want to know and i ask my slef them every day please help me to travel directly to your place
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car parts 2004/9/4 07:31
Could you please direct to where I can buy good second hand Mazda T35 engine at the lowest possible price. I would also want to know how much it would cost me to transport it to Hre, Zimbabwe.
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JDM parts for JDM fan in Canada 2006/4/10 03:46
I live in Vancouver BC Canada and I'm looking for 92-96 prelude Si F22b DOHC engine parts aftermarket and OEM. its next to impossible here to find JDM parts andwould like to know if anyone in japan knows where I can get F22b DOHC timing belt and other aftermarket parts for the F22b DOHC Nonvtec. a repair manual for this engine in english would be awesome too so I can get torque specs and part numbers and stuff. I've looked on google and it doesn't help me find japanese wreckers or autoparts stores on net from japan. please Help
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yahoo auctions 2006/4/11 23:32
I use Yahoo Auctions. You can find pretty much any JDM car parts you want there! :)


There are several English speaking buying services that you can use. I use www.crescent-shop.com
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tuning 2006/4/12 03:33
also try honda twin cam in Tokyo area, if you roll into any of the big tuning shops they can tell you where to go
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Still need help... 2006/6/4 13:48
please I still need help,I'm the same person that posted JDM parts for JDM fan in canada, can anyone at least help me find email addresses for honda dealedships in japan so I can email them personally and ask them for the parts I need please? I want to finish this swap. timing belt right now and a english written service repair manual for '92-'96 prelude SI with the F22b DOHC engine. if anyone reads this and lives in japan or lives in vancouver and goin to visit japan, please help, I pay for the items and shipping. My email is chnk8@hotmail.com

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. If anyone see this thread and its a bit old and I haven't said anything if I still need these things are not then i am still looking.

Thank you.
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honda! 2006/6/4 16:21
eh why not join a honda forum and get some advice on your swap there?.. or try somewhere like.. jdmchat.com they might be able to point you to a site
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Not to be rude 2006/6/5 13:08
Not to be rude but. Do not think I have not tried and exhausted all possibilites, this is my last option here. on this site to find people that live in japan that can help me or people visiting japan and live in vancouver to help me get the parts or at least a email or phone number to a honda dealership anywhere in japan. Trust me I am still searching. I am not one of those people who do not try or too lazy and search for there answers. once I find help I will gladly delete all my threads relating to Honda JDM parts. And please, if you cannot help or have the answer I am looking for don't post a meesage to try this or that. I want Facts and a yes or no for helping me. Not some suggestion if I done this or that. cuz I already have. this is last option. I'm surprised you can't see the desperateness and resorting to asking strangers to help me. if you can get what I am looking for, save the reciept and I will reimburse whatever. if you live in japan and want to help make sure you have a webcam so I can see the products in your hand etc before I send the money to your account. my email is once again chnk8@hotmail.com

the other posts JDM parts one and the still need help are mine andfull info on what I need is there above this.

thank you
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Where can i find parts for toyota levin 2006/7/16 19:48
I am looking for parts for my toyota levin 1992 model engine 4AGE .. i am interested in lights ,dash board and shocks ..
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eh riight... 2006/9/11 15:58
Jason u sound like a fruit mate, how am i meant to know what uv done? exactly its only a car calm down go onto www.honda-tech.com, try www.clubcivic.com, i know of about 3 people who can import things from Japan INCLUDING full swaps so take it easy eh!

i do wonder about some of u 16 year old kids ;) lol
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??? 2006/10/20 17:32
I will go to japan the end of next month and i have plan to visit Chiba too. I wonder that if i want to find some used parts in Chiba where can i go. Can you give me name and address to those shop. My car is RX-8.
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second hand merc parts in japan? 2007/3/7 01:01
second hand merc parts in japan
do you guys have any idea where i can buy some second hand merc parts in Japan ??

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Hey Jason 2007/10/10 13:27
Jason you are nothing but rude and spoilt. Mint had been very nice to you. You are asking for help here yet putting yourself so high. Transplant any canadian engine so that you can get parts easily! Don't thank me.
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auto parts 2008/6/20 12:56
I live in OITA, I want to go into the used parts business, ie Toyota, Honda, Nissan.
I heard I could buy a complete card and dismantle, but I dont even know where to buy the card and how to dismantle when of course am not a mechanic. I simply would want a direction, where to get get the parts and ship to my country. any help telephone, web site etc would do pls
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looking second hand car parts 2008/8/28 16:51
where iam to looking / buy second hand car parts in arround tokyo
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Toyota Engines 2009/5/16 16:00
I'm rebuilding a Toyota Kijang (LocaL Indonesian Model) and want to do an engine swap....Anybody know whereI can source a 2.4L or 2.6L V4 engine and Auto gearbox ? any help appreciated
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