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pat on shoulder 2009/7/1 01:29
Today, my female Japanese friend surprised the heck out of me by patting me on the shoulder. First, on greeting me, and then several times while talking to me, in kind of an affectionate way. This was a surprise because she's never seemed particularly comfortable with me. The bigger surprise was that she did it in front of our mutual Japanese friends (we are in the USA). Does this have any significance? Is this a normal expression of affection between friends in Japan? It's not that unusual in the US, but I thought Japanese were really averse to this kind of contact.

by odoroita (guest)  

my opinion 2009/7/1 09:04
No, I don't think this has any significance, and yes, as far as I know, this is a normal expression of affection between friends in Japan. But then, I have lived and traveled in the U.S. and it never occured to me that it's unusual there. Anyway, I remember patting an American fellow's shoulder last Saturday, because he patted mine first.
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nothing to it 2009/7/2 00:50
there's nothing to it. especially if they're slightly westernized or trying to be more "foreign".

i would say there's no significance to it.
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thanks 2009/7/2 09:06
Thanks. You are probably right. However, somehow I think if I (a guy) did the same to her, somehow that wouldn't sit so well with her.
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