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Buy Randoseru bag in Narita Aiport 2009/7/1 01:53

I would like to buy a RANDOSERU bag for my daughter who will be starting school soon.
My dad will be in a layover for few hours in Narita Airport and I would like hm to buy me a RANDOSERU bag. Does anyone have an idea where you could get one in Narita airport or close to it? How much would it be US? Please HELP. Thanks
by Tharani (guest)  

Randoseru 2009/7/1 09:39

I very much doubt you will find randoseru bags inside the airport, so the best place to look would be Jusco at the Aeon Mall in Narita (the town).

See below for details of how to get there...
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Rondoseru 2009/7/1 23:36
Thanks so much Dave for your reply. Is there any service in Japan that would deliver the bag and pick up payment from my dad at the Narita airport? I just dont know if he would be able to make it. Please let me know.


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