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Naruto Museum 2009/7/1 11:48
Tokyo 23-ku
My wee brother is coming to Japan for a holiday. He'll be staying with me up in Miyagi and we'll tour around most of Tohoku. But we'll be staying in Tokyo for a few days and I'm looking for things to do.

He's a fan of Naruto (as in the famous manga and anime series, not the region). So I was trying to find a museum of some sort that we could go to. I know that there's tonnes of museum all dotted around Japan for other mangas or writers.

Has anyone heard of one for Naruto?

Cheers in advance
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There isn't one. 2009/7/1 13:22
There is no Naruto museum. Probably because it is a recently, mostly commercial phenomenon. It isn't held in much esteem by the Japanese as a whole, it's entertainment for children.

There is a manga museum in Kyoto, though the exhibits are geared very much toward adults and may not hold much appeal for a child. The Osamu Tezuka museum in Hyogo might be fun for him, as the exhibits are more colorful and hands-on. The pokemon center in Tokyo might also be fun. There is also a Hayao Miyazaki museum, though it requires some advance planning. Neighborhoods like Akihabara and Nakano might be fun for him as well, but beware porno items and shops in full-view.

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Anime exhibitions 2009/7/14 14:09
I don't know when your brother is coming but see if there is anime or manga exhibition going on. I visited Jump Festa last year with my sister and there were a lot of people dressed as Naruto characters and very nice atmosphere for a fan of anime, manga and/or video games. Very child friendly too. Another nice place to take people interested in video games is Round1 or similar arcade. I don't know if you are interested, but they are a lot of fun for smaller kids and teenagers. Round1 is my favourite because you pay for 1 or 3 hours and then play as much as you want. They also have baseball batting cages, darts, play grounds, karaoke, anime etc depending on the locations.
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Cheers 2009/7/15 14:54
Thank you mia and Onna for your replies.

Unfortunately, my money wont stretch to Kyoto. I'm dragging back up north for some good old wholesome culture after Tokyo. :)

He used to be a fan of Pokemon as a kid but I'm guessing that the teenager in him will cringe at the thought. I'll ask him anyway :)

I asked him about the Miyazaki museum. I'm wanting to go to it but he didn't sound so keen. I think he hasn't watched so many Hayao films yet.

Although Naruto is popular with the kids, Shonen Jump is one of the biggest manga companies, so I thought they would have a museum somewhere. Just have to wait a good few years then for that to happen. But they have the Jump Festa every year in December in Chiba, liked you said Onna. But he's making his way to Japan now (so, another time).

The Round1 idea is pretty good. I was planning on taking him to Joypolis in Odaiba an I know of a 50yen arcade building in Shibuya that's good fun.

Thanks for you ideas.
Have a nice day.

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