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Moving within Japan... 2009/7/1 14:47
I plan on moving within Japan. I'm looking to bring a few heavy items with me: a sofa, TV, shelf just to name a few. What's the cheapest method of moving these items. A friend of my looked up some professional movers and they're charging about 18,000yen and up, a price I'd rather avoid as much as possible.

If anyone has any advice, I'd like to hear it.
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... 2009/7/1 15:35
I don't know what kind of distance you are moving, but if you have large items such as a sofa and a shelf, you would probably have to rely on a moving company, unless one of your friends has a car/van large enough to drive that with you.

Moving companies have this "single-person household" package deal, which probably can take care of a few pieces of furniture, then the rest (books, clothing, etc.) all in cardboard boxes. I think the fee your friend looked up for you must be for this type of service.
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Yourself 2009/7/1 16:08
I have moved a few times within Japan and always done it myself. Twice a friend and I rented a van for about 10 000 yen for the day, and the other times, a friend borrowed a truck and we did it so I just paid for the petrol.
It depends on the distance you are moving. 18 000 yen seems pretty reasonable but if you are just going up the road, there should be a cheaper alternative. You can get all the boxes at your local supermarket as they should have a bin or rack full of them somewhere near the entrance.
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