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Hand held fireworks legal in Tokyo? 2009/7/2 11:32
I recently purchased some ''sparklers'' - those small, hand held sticks that you light at one end and they give off a shower of sparks for about 60 seconds - from a 100yen store in Tokyo. Is it legal and acceptable to play with these small fireworks in Tokyo? Perhaps in a small neighborhood park so as not to disturb anyone else? We plan to of course be very careful, take a bucket of water, and clean up after ourselves.

I assume since I could purchase these items in Tokyo, it must be okay to use them, but I am just wondering if there are restrictions about where I can use them. If it matters, I am most interested in the rules in Mintao-ku and Shibuya-ku.

Thanks! :)
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yes 2009/7/2 12:26
Yes, it is totally legal. And you are to follow manners you've stated yourself. Those manners are, in fact, written on the package in Japanese. Also note that in most parks there is a Japanese sign saying you're not supposed to use fireworks or make noise after 10pm or so.

Sparkles are a common summer thing that everybody does in their yard or neighborhood, especially if you're young or have children.
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Thank you! 2009/7/3 11:36
Thanks Uco. In the US, some states don't allow sparklers even in your own back yard. (even though they may be available in a store 5 minutes down the road). So I wanted to be sure before I started lighting them off in public! :)
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aerial shells 2009/8/15 05:21
are aerial shells legal to use? i can't find much info about it.

aerial shells are the kind you usually see at large firework events.
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no 2009/8/15 13:54

Not unless you have a license. I don't think you can buy them either.
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fyi 2009/8/16 14:33
fyi (everyone) i found out that you need a class c (or is it class 3?) explosives license for which you have to take the exam, in japanese, and it's administered by the all japan explosives association. costs around 12,000yen depending on the prefecture you take it in and the pass rate is apparently atrocious at around 60% failure rate. expensive exam to fail on!

i guess if you plan on having any home made fireworks without taking that test you'd better keep a lid on it.

all aerial shells in japan are classed as devices that require a class 3 license.
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