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Will my Tattoo be a problem? 2009/7/3 10:55
I've never been to Japan yet but i have plans. The problem is i have a large tattoo on my back. It's the three stars and a sun from the Philippine flag and it almost occupies half of my back. Will it get me an issue there? I would greatly appreciate your answers. Thank you. Take Care and God Bless..
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Depends 2009/7/3 12:08
Will you be going anywhere you need to take your shirt off? If not then no, it won't be an issue. At most hot springs and swimming pools though, you would most likely be asked to leave. Have a look at the many other threads on this topic as well.
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just be mindful in public baths... 2009/7/9 18:44
You should be okay. While many people in Japan are uncomfortable with tattoos, they are becoming a little more common, particularly in cities and with younger people. If you're doing tourist-type things and in areas catering to tourists you should definitely be fine. If you're working in Japan, it may be a little different. (You'll probably just keep them covered.)

The two main places to be mindful of are pools, onsens, and public or shared baths. Many of these ban tattoos. Usually you'll see a picture of a person with tattoos and a big X on it. Again though, if you're in places that foreigners tend to go, you should be fine. Shared baths in hotels, capsule hotels, etc. all tend to be fine with tattoos. (You may get some stares, but that's all.)

Generally, many Japanese people know that foreigners often have tattoos and that the cultural norms are different. I get questions about mine occasionally, but I've never encountered any problems or hostility.

(Also, if your tattoo is on your back, most people are never going to see it, right? Not if you're keeping a shirt on.)
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