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fruit buffet in tokyo 2009/7/3 15:47
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi all,

As far as I know, my friend from Japan told me that fruit in Japan is really expensive and he told me that there are some hotel that has fruit buffet with a reasonable price. I lost contact with him a couple years ago and didn't get the chance to ask more about the fruit buffet. So , does anybody here know any good place or hotel that serve fresh fruit buffet with reasonable price in Tokyo area? During my visit there, I really wish to consume some fruit since I don't like vegetables. Thank you.
by Che Hua  

fruit 2009/7/4 16:20
Try food markets in the working class areas of town like Asakusa and Yanaka. I know that I have seen fruits in such places. .of course you must also eat vegetables. It is very unhealthy not to and not liking them is a poor excuse. .
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thank u 2009/7/14 14:35
U're right, there's no excuse not to eat veges. I'll try to eat some when I'm there. But I still want to enjoy fresh fruit in Tokyo area though. Could you be more precise as where it is located please? I'm hoping a location where it's easy to reach since i can't speak japanese at all. Thank you.
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food stuff 2009/7/14 16:29
Asakusa has a covered street with food stores. Yanaka has a pedestrian street with food stores.
Surely you have Googled a basic map of Tokyo showing the various neighbourhoods?? both places above aren't that big and it is easy to find food and vegetable stores there .
There are other similar stores in all residential areas not far from the Yamanote line (like Ueno and Shinagawa for example) if you live in central Tokyo . You don't have to speak Japanese to find your way around..and to buy stuff. I don't speak Japanese and manage very well...
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Takano fruits at Shinjuku 2009/7/14 22:17
Try "Takano Fruits Bar" at Shinjuku.
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fruits 2009/7/15 15:08
It's OK if you think fruit buffet served at hotels or something in Japan as reasonable and like to eat a quite amount and variety of fruits at a time. But still fruits will be less expensive if bought at any reasonable supermarkets or greengroceries, and I guess you'd rather like to have some on a daily basis....

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fruit buffet in Ginza 2009/9/10 00:38
at Nihonbashi Mitsui tower in Ginza they hold a fruit buffet of 20 different types of their best seasonal fruits. Its about 45 dollars and you have to reserve a couple months ahead. Only in Japan could they actually get away with this ridiculous price. I say find a sizzler and get the salad bar which has decent selection of fruit and vegetables and fill up on that for 20 bucks. It's still expensive but you can get your money's worth if you just stick with the fruit and veges until your full.
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Fruit 2009/9/10 21:44
We stayed 2 nights in Chidorico and there were several very reasonably prices fruit stalls there.
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