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International female name 2009/7/3 21:34
Hello you all! I am a European man married with a Japanese woman. She's pregnant at the moment and in few months we will have a daughter. I am trying to work out a name for her which can be suitable both in Japanese and Western context. Can anyone suggest me a good "international" female name that may sound well in Japan and the West? Something like Emma (E-n-ma), Emy (E-mi), Sarah (Sa-ra), ... Any name suggestion or advice will be highly appreciated. The most I get, the easiest to find the one. Thank you very much in advance for your time
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Congratulations! 2009/7/4 08:38
Hello. I collected the most normal sounding names for you, all which are rather common.

Anna, Erika, Hana, Karen, Karin, Karina, Maria, Marie, Marina, Maya, Mina, Naomi, Nina, Sara, Reina, Rina

By the way, congratulations to you of having your first baby!
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International names 2009/7/4 09:29
I have a number of friends who are Japanese/foreign couples, and some of them have girls- those who have gone for international names have called their daughters Karen, Emiri (Emily), Risa (Lisa), Aya, Riri (Lily) and Mari, among others. The list above is a good one.
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Mia 2009/7/5 23:52
ah nice congrats mate. I'm from aus and i did not know that the most common name for a girl is 'Mia' which i thought was japanese...haha


so yea i think that will be a great name ;)

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Thanks 2009/7/6 00:50
Thank you very much Rin and Sira for your valueable input. I added it to my name list. I start to feel it's going to be hard when it comes the time to take the final decision...

Thank you very much Sonny. I have to admit that Mia is one of my favorite names at the moment, and I didn't know was so popular in Australia. Your link is very useful.
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Mia 2009/7/6 08:22
Mia or Miya would be a lovely name, and very international.
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Congratulations 2009/7/6 08:37
Another name, though it may be a bit old-fashioned, it Julie. I know someone with that name, written in Japanese - the sound is close enough.
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. 2009/7/6 23:52
Thanks a lot AK; you are right, Julie (or Julia) is really a good option.
However I prefer to avoid the r/l dichotomy even if, I know, it excludes many nice names. My wife and I, we agree we should call our daughter in the very same way.
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. 2009/7/7 00:58
How about Maya, Mika and June (Jun)?
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I have a friend called 2009/7/7 09:32
Arisa (Alyssa)
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Good ones! 2009/7/8 07:09
Jun and Arisa were missing. They go straightaway into my names list. Thanks a lot!
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