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Yoshida Fire Festival 2009/7/5 02:32
Can someone who been to this festival give some comments on it? I am thinking of going to the 5th stations and also Lake Kawaguchi area either on 26 or 27 Aug, so thinking of staying for this event.

Pls advise:
1. Is it very crowded? I will be bringing a 4yr old, so would like to know if itfs suitable for him
2. Should I stay overnight in one of the ryokan after the event, instead of taking the long ride back to Shinjuku?
3. What time does the event ends, or is there a need to stay throughout? If no need, which timing is best for us to visit?
4. What are the highlights of this event?

Thank you.
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. 2009/7/7 01:23
My apologies to bump up this post but can't find much info on this festival online. Appreciate if someone can share, thank you!
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fujiyoshida fire festival 2009/7/7 08:19
Starts around 2 pm, with a parade to Sengen Shrine, ends around 10 pm. (that's the first day, the festival is 2 days, but ends at 5 pm on the second day. You can see the schedule here:
As far as staying for the night, that depends on how late you intend to stay at the festival. If you stay for the whole thing, there won't be any buses back to Shinjuku anyway.
As far as kids go, people always bring their kids to festivals, just obviously stay out of the main path of the parade, etc.
It's a very famous and fun event here in the Fuji area. If you make it, have a great time!
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. 2009/7/7 08:21
Hi Aya

Can u tell me the highlights of the event and timing of it? I am tinking if I can stay till about 8+ and then return back to Shinjuku? Hv yet to check if any transport back to Shinjuku at that hour tho.

Thank you!
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fire festival 2009/7/7 22:20
I don't know the exact schedule. I know they have demonstrations of drumming, dancing, etc. Have you been to a japanese matsuri? It's an all day kind of celebration, so you don't really need to make a schedule to enjoy it. If you are coming all the way from Shinjuku, you might want to consider staying in a hotel or Ryokan here, just so you don't have to rush,trying to get back to Tokyo. However, by 6 or 7 you might be ready to get back, and have seen enough of the festival. It's up to you, enjoy! :)
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. 2009/7/7 23:07
Thanks Aya!

Probably not staying overnight because not sure if we are able to take the smoke and all, especially all of us have sensitive nose. Probably will roam in town and start our journey back in the evening.
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