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Aspiring Designer Adores Japan 2009/7/6 02:32
I am an aspiring designer from Virginia, USA and I truly adore and admire Japanese fashion and culture. It has been extremely hard to find fashion contacts here in the USA and I was considering submitting designs to some Japanese designers but I don't know where to start. My designs are cutting edge and original and I strongly believe if I were to become successful I could possibly have a strong fashion following in Japan someday (^_-;) It is my lifelong dream and I am ready to get started. Thanks!
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question? 2009/7/6 09:22
So what is your question?
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designing 2009/7/7 04:31
She just want to know how to contact Japanese fashion designers.
to the OP. Look on the internet for names and addresses of well known designers in Japan (or call the Japanese embassy in your country). Send them a letter with a few of your sketches. However let' s be practical: they likely get requests from hundreds of young Japanese designers every year and it is much easier for a designer to communicate with a local than with you. Did you try to actually meet a designer in your own country? have you studied in a fashion design institute at home? their students enter a design contest once a year by showing several outfits. This is how the best ones get a chance to work with a known designer or a manufacturer. You could also try showing your clothes (not just sketches) to a store in your town.
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Thanks Monkey see 2009/7/7 08:13
Yeah, sorry if the question wasn't completely obvious, but you seem to understand what I was getting at. I appreciate your reply. Sure, I've tried searching for local designers and I actually went to school for fashion design though I was unable to complete the courses. I know it's a long shot, but I'm always open to any sort of possibilities that come my way. In the meantime I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for some luck to come my way. Thanks again (^_-)d for your advice.
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