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christmas in japan or korea? 2009/7/6 19:21
Korea, South
Hi there
i am planning to spend 3-4 weeks in japan and korea (total).
Will be leaving 17th dec. Was wondering whether to spend the christmas eve/day in korea or japan.
Can someone let me know.

ps. I like shopping =)
i also hear japan has a huge sale on xmas day and new yearsday??
by R (guest)  

Christmas 2009/7/7 08:58
Sales on Christmas day? I've never noticed any- it's not actually a holiday here, they just do the decorations. On New Year's Day most stores will be closed, as that is a holiday, but from the 2nd, there will be (extremely crowded) sales.

As for whether to go to Japan or Korea, how can we help you decide? What are you looking for that might make one better than the other?
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Japan! 2009/7/7 09:29
If you are from a western/Christian society, then Japan will provide you a memorable and unique experience to "commercialised Christmas". I'm not being cynical, it's a mind opening experience you will never forget.
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Christmas 2009/7/7 14:45
I've experienced both Christmas in Japan and South Korea. There is little difference between them. For both countries it is not a holiday and many people work. But the commercial side of it is increasingly getting larger each year.
It was snowing in Seoul on christmas when I was there, quite a magical experience for someone coming from Australia.
If you would like a white Christmas I would suggest Korea.
I also do not know of any sales on xmas day. Instead you may find very long queues to enter in a special draw if you spend X amount of $
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