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postcard shops 2009/7/7 09:42
I wanted to know if someone knows a good postcard shop in Yokohama or Tokyo. I already know sekaidou, Loft, hamashobo and so. I'm a postcard collector and I just wanted to ask if someone knows a speciallist shop or a big stationery shop where I can buy postcards.

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Re: 2009/7/8 00:05
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oh, yeah 2009/7/8 00:55
Yes, I forgot to mention that store. Been there in the Shinjuku, Yokohama, and Shibuya branches
Thank you anyways for taking the time to reply =)
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Kyukyodo 2009/7/8 01:54
Have you been to Kyukyodo in Ginza?
They're selling postcards with seasonal flowers and items printed (look like wooden-print or silk-screen). They also have a shop in Shin-Marubiru near Tokyo station.
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.... 2009/7/8 08:41
Tokyu hands in Shinjuku Takashimaya has lots of postcards. Also, major hotels like Keio, Hilton and Hyatt has small shops with a fair selection of postcards!
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thank you 2009/7/8 09:38
Thank you!! I will try that wodden shop, and, I've been in Tokyu hands (bought everything already lol) but didn't think about the hotels!!! I will go there and take a look. Thank you so much.
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Since you're a collector 2009/7/8 15:19

This is not exactly a shop, but I happened to see this guy's exhibition and bought some hand-printed postcards he made from his photographs.

He seems to be a photographer based in Yokohama, and the landscapes he takes are better than any of those lame postcards I see in souvenior shops and stationary stores. You can try contacting him to see if you can buy some postcards.


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