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Up for a J-rock gig in Nagoya? 2009/7/8 16:19
Hey everyone. I just moved here to Nagoya last month, and I'm a big fan of Japanese rock bands, particularly visual kei. I was just wondering if there's anyone else here living in Nagoya who likes going to gigs? I've never been to one, so I don't really know how things work, like buying tickets and stuff. I'm also new to this city, so I'm yet to have people to go with.

Does anyone know how these things work? Thanks in advance :)
by shuuen  

jrock 2009/7/8 18:31
Im a foreigner living in japan also and I love music too, but unfortunately im not in Nagoya. But i do know its not easy to find people to go to gigs with!

As for the tickets, it depends on the live. You can buy them at the livehouse for smaller gigs, or from the machine at the combini for bigger ones. Really big concerts you may need to call the ticket centre or book online, or go to a ticketshop.

Anyway, im planning to come to Nagoya in September to see a j-rock band. They are not so famous and they sing in English, but if you're interested, you're welcome to tag along.

I recommend you check out the friends section on this website and search for people in Nagoya. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone interested in music.

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re: jrock 2009/7/8 20:40
thanks! what band are you referring to? :3
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jrock 2009/7/8 21:05
they are called egg brain. check them out at www.myspace.com/eggbrain.
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Well... 2009/7/9 04:06
I'm going to...

SPEED DISK PRESENTS`X—…–œÛtour'09#02

ƒAƒ“ƒh/Wizard/SuG//DaizyStripper/DecoLa Hopping/LiZ

...which is in Nagoya. :3 Mainly going for either AND or SuG, haven't decided yet. I'm going with my boyfriend though, and we'll be coming from Tokyo. He planned everything though so I can't help much on the how-to part.
I don't know which bands you're into? :3
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re: Well... 2009/7/9 09:40
wow most of them are still very indies :3

i listen to the more mainstream ones, lol. dir, gaz, a9, giru, heidi, d'espa, to name a few :)
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:) 2009/7/9 11:17
Haha yeah, I listen to the more mainstream ones as well, but they seem harder to get tickets for, especially if you're not living in Japan. :( And sadly... my boy is an indies fan, and he gets to say which events we're going to, lol. :P But he also pays the tickets, so I can't complain haha. And I like most bands he likes too, and I'm quite an avid SuG fan.
I'd love to see Gazette but their gigs sell out insanely fast these days... Well at least the tickets with the good numbers do, and I personally don't like sitting/standing all in the back, haha. Then again I've already seen them four times in Europe, so it's alright. :P

But hey I hope you get to go to some gigs soon. I love them. :D I just hope they're gonna be just as fun in Japan.
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