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Japanese shampoo expensive in Japan? 2009/7/10 13:35
Tokyo 23-ku
I would like to know if these Japanese brands shampoo like Shiseido, Kanebo, Kose are expensive in Tokyo / Japan?
by Blossom88  

expensive? 2009/7/10 14:55
You would have to define what the price is where you come from first.

Then to compare prces between that and the price in Japan.
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Japanese Shampoo 2009/7/10 15:04
Price in Yen is okay, I will then do the conversion. Tks.
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Hope this helps 2009/7/10 17:09
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Shiseido 2009/7/11 17:32
I brought some shiseido tsubaki at a combini in Japan and I remember thinking about how cheap it was because I thought Shiseido was a super expensive brand. It couldn't have been more than 700 yen at the very most.
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Thanks all 2009/7/20 17:03
Sorry for the delay. Sincere thanks to all of you.
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