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Kanebo shampoo (Sala) 2009/7/10 13:38
I bought this shampoo from Kanebo but everything is in Japanese, I wonder what Sala means? Is it a kind of flower? Pls help.
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Kanebo shampoo (Sala) 2009/7/11 13:24
I searched it in Japanese, but I could not get any information.

I suppose that SALA comes from ''sarasara'' (means smooth) hair.
(In Japanese, there is no difference between R and L.)
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Thanks all 2009/7/20 17:10
Dear All, thanks for your help and sorry for the delay in my reply.

I hope Kanebo will have English for their products as I can't read Japanese and shampoo brands like Shiseido and Kanebo are almost non-existence here :(
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. 2009/7/21 12:28
Kanebo home products changed it's name to 'Kracie' about 2 years ago. I may be wrong on this, but I do not think Sala shampoo is made anymore- I have not seen it in a long time- didn't see it the last time I was in Japan at drugstores.

The other brands by Kanebo (Kracie) like Naive or Silk are still made, though

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Kanebo shampoo (Sala) 2009/7/21 14:36
Hi, thanks for sharing. I live in M'sia and yes, we have Kanebo (Sala) in one of the departmental store but it's very limited, mmm maybe these are old stocks if Kanebo no longer manufacture Sala... Thanks again for sharing.
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... 2009/7/21 14:52
I belive that Kanebo "Cosmetics" division went separate ways from the divisions that became Kracie, so they do exist still, so does the brand :)

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P. S. 2009/7/21 14:54
I believe that the name "Sala" was taken from a Japanese word "sarasara," describing very smooth, silky hair (you run your fingers through your hair and it falls smoothly).
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. 2009/7/22 01:15
Sorry, about that, AK-san is correct. That's what happens when Japanese lives abroad, I'm not always aware of things like that. Sorry!

Seems like Sala is in the high end Kanebo Cosmetics section, I just use the cheaper regular stuff from Japanese stores in NYC ;-)
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No worries 2009/7/22 09:39
No worries, you wanted to help, thanks.
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