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Trckin mail from Msia to japan 2009/7/13 22:54
I have sent out a registered mail from Malaysia to Japan, however, I couldn't know which website in japan I can track, I have try the JapanPost, but the serial no seems not correct. The post office in Msia can only track up within Msia only. Hope you all can help, TQ
by jason larry  

tracking 2009/7/14 11:03
Unfortunately, you cannot track your package once it has been assumed by Japan Post.
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RE: Trckin mail from Msia to japan 2009/7/14 18:31
A registered mail from Malaysia....
If you sent that mail via EMS, you can trace it, according to Japan Post.
If you sent that mail via another service, maybe you can trace it in Japan after it reaches within Japan Post network.

Have you tried this one?
This input form is in Japanese, while it seems that an output is displayed in English.
At Step 4 --- Give the item number to Input Box 1, omitting hyphens if any.
At Step 5 --- Click the first button.

You may fail in tracing the mail
when Japan Post has not received data on it or
when the registration service (other than EMS) which you utilized this time is not covered by this tracer.

Malaysia is listed in the following page as a country regarding which data on EMS mails are available on Japan Post side.

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registered mail vs ems 2009/7/14 18:55
A registered mail from Malaysia....
If you sent that mail via EMS, you can trace it, according to Japan Post.

Registered mail (PosDaftar?) and EMS (Poslaju?) are two different systems. I guess I should have been more clear in my earlier post but if you sent it by registered mail then you will be unable to track it once it reaches Japanpost.

If you did in fact sent it EMS instead of registered mail like you stated then you can track it via this site:


or the japanpost site omotenashi posted. Otherwise it seems that you are out of luck with detailed tracking until it is delivered.
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RE: tracing intl mails to Japan 2009/7/14 21:18
I've heard on the phone that both (EMS and registered mails) can be traced in Japan
from a staffer at Customer Service Center of Japan Post,
who recommended me the EMS tracer even for non-EMS registered mails.
So, I've judged that the probability is not denied.
Considering for what reason mail registration services exist,
it sounds not natural if there is no way to check whether a registered mail was delivered properly.
But, I'm not sure that using this tracer is a nice choice in this case. Maybe there is another way of such an inquiry.

I see this tracer by Japan Post as designed mainly to trace a mail in Japan on Japan side.
The page indicated by yllwsmrf is for tracing in Malaysia on Malaysia side, isn't that?
I suppose it's easier to trace an international mail on Japan side than on a foreign side after it reaches Japan.

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manage to track :D 2009/7/14 23:19
dear all,thank you very much for the advice/suggestions. Just like as you all mention, the mail havent arrived yet in Japan, thats why I cant trace it even in JapanPost. I have just trace again, finally it showed up the information, it just arrived at Narita Airport. I feel comfortable now, coz thats a very important document sending to university. i will be studying in Japan soon.
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