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Mailing clothing to Japan 2009/7/14 11:32
Will the receiver be charged a duty tax if I cut off the tags and mark it as a gift?

I wore the outfit below to Japan:


& my host's daughter loved it so I am planning to get her a similar one. Does it look too young for a 29 yr old Japanese?
by Jenny (guest)  

no taxes 2009/7/14 22:11
Whenever my GF is in US visiting it seems like she is always sending packages of clothing to her friends in Japan. None of her friends have ever have to pay "duty" or taxes on any of the items.
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charged duty 2009/8/8 02:50
I set 2 big boxes of things to myself since I'm moving here, and I got charged duty on my used clothes and some of my things. Not a whole lot (2 20x20x20 boxes at about 160lbs only 6700Y) but still... wondering if there's a way I can argue and say these are my personal things and I am moving here?
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unaccompanied baggage 2009/8/8 13:40
if you claim it as unaccompanied baggage when you arrive. you should not have to pay any dudy.
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