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Motion sickness medicine in japanese 2009/7/15 14:49
Fukuoka City
I am leaving Japan by ferry and I get easily seasick. i forgot to bring my sea sickness medicine to Japan so I need to buy some in Fukuoka. What is the Japanese name for motion sickness medicine? Also, how do I ask how much earlier I have to take the medicine. Is this ok: Fune ni noru mae ni, kusuri wa itsu nomimasu ka?
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Japanese name 2009/7/15 16:26
"Yoi-gusuri" or "yoi-dome".

"Fune ni noru mae ni, kusuri wa itsu nomimasu ka?" will go though it sounds a little awkward. More properly, it should be: "(Kusuri wa) fune ni noru nan jikan (or dore gurai) mae ni nomeba ii desu ka?".

For your info, motion sickness medicines provided in Japan are typically supposed to be taken a half to an hour before you go aboard.
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Thanks! 2009/7/16 15:42
Thank you for your answer, I'll try your lines today :)

Btw, what is the difference between "nonde mo ii desu ka" and "nomeba mo ii desu ka"?
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.... 2009/7/16 19:00
You can't say, "nomeba mo ii desu ka". It's grammatically wrong.
It should be "nomeba ii desu ka" with "mo" omitted.

"Nonde mo ii desu ka" means: "Can I take....?" or "Is it OK if I take....?"
"Nomeba ii desu ka"? means: "(How much earlier) should I take....?"
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