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Buying a camera battery in Tokyo 2009/7/20 21:59
A spare battery for my camera (Panasonic Lumix TZ7) costs a fortune in Aus. Must be cheaper in Japan I figure. Anyone know how I can find out ? English info or site only please.
by Connie Chiwa (guest)  

camera battery 2009/7/21 09:04
Branded spare camera batteries are quite expensive here as well.

The battery for your camera (part# DMW-BCG10) can be found at discount electronic shops for around 4500 yen or at major electronic retailers such as Bic Camera for 5250 yen.

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Panazonic DMW-BCG10 battery 2009/7/21 09:07

You can get one for about 4,700 yen on Amazon, but actual stores in Tokyo sell it for around 5,200 yen. Is that cheaper than where you are?
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thanks....... 2009/7/21 09:09
....they're about double that in Aus!
Is there a good place to buy one in Asakusa?
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yodobashi 2009/7/21 09:38
I'd just pick it up at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara then. Its not the cheapest (it'll probably cost the same as at Bic), but its the easiest to find and they will likely have it in stock.
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. 2009/7/21 11:32
Cheers YS.
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batteries 2009/7/21 13:08
I'm not sure if this is relevant but my host family told me that you cannot buy Li-Ion batteries of standard sizes like AA or AAA in Japan. You can only buy Ni-H batteries of these sizes.

They told me that due to the dangers of charging batteries with the wrong sort of charger, they had separated the batteries into two different size streams.
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. 2009/7/21 14:20
Thanks. The battery for this camera is dedicated specifically to Panasonic cameras and is square with its own charger. Panasonic have you on a hook with it though as it refuses to recognise non standard batteries made by other cos.
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