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movie name- character Kumatsu/fat/skinny 2004/6/24 06:37
Im looking for an old movie that was about two young friends one skinny/one chubby and the chubby one got picked on by other kids. the skinny boys name i think was Kumatsu. can anyone help find this terrific movie. thanks. Jim
by Jim  

Kumatsu 2004/7/25 22:00
I remember this same movie, but not the title. I remember at the end, the fat kid yells from the top of the mountain, "Kumatsu, thank you."
by GD rate this post as useful

Kumatsu 2004/7/27 08:48
GD, that was the movie, now if i could find the title. Thanks
by Jim rate this post as useful

Skinny & Fatty 2004/8/28 10:54
I loved this movie!! Appeared on the CBS Children's Film Festival with Kukla, Fran, and Ollie on Sunday afternoons. I found the movie available to purchase in VHS form at:
by Pat rate this post as useful

Thanks Pat. 2004/9/9 05:37
Pat, thanks for your response. Ive just ordered two copies. I really appreciate that. Jim
by Jim rate this post as useful

WOW 2005/7/30 08:20
oh my god i loved this movie as a kid .i was about 7 when i saw it and no one else has ever heard of it.david sedaris mentions it in pasing in one of his booksi can't believe how tickled i am it;s like fiNALLY VALIDATION IT DOES EXSISTS
by michelle rate this post as useful

CTW Episode ''Skinny and Fatty'' 2006/2/1 18:43
Childrens Television Workshop
Classic tale of true friendship. Yep.
by old fan rate this post as useful

Komatsu ! Where are YOU ???? !!! 2006/2/1 18:45
by CTW Skinny and Fatty rate this post as useful

I Remember That! 2007/4/25 02:46
I saw that movie in B&W on TV long ago. I wasn't even in school yet. But I never forgot it. The movie was about a boarding school, and one of the dorms was occupied by one thin guy, and one fat guy who had thick glasses if I'm not mistaken. The two guys became good friends. When it was school sports day, the unlikely team won. At the end, the skinny kid transfered to another school. I remember him at the end getting a letter from his skinny friend, and I recall him yelling "thank you" from the top of a hill too! I've been trying to find this movie ever since!
by Kerwin Lum rate this post as useful

A Very Realistic Theme 2007/4/26 04:40
I've seen this film entitled, both as "Fat & Skinny" and "Skinny & Fatty" in English. While a comedy, it has a very simple, but realistic theme: the power/value of friendship. This show is timeless classic about this virtue. Anyone know how I can get a DVD of this?
by Kerwin Lum rate this post as useful

Fat and Skinny 2007/4/29 11:56
.Fat and Skinny
I love and remember that movie also from the children movies show on TV, It was Saturday early afternoons. I also remember seeing The Red Balloon. I loved that too. Both movies were introductions to foreign films for me and probably all of you. There were several movies but those two stick in my mind. I have seen The Red Balloon since as an adult still great and have seen the children's book. I am going to look for a place to buy Fat and Skinny. If anyone knows where? This may sound crazy but I was happy to find this sight nobody I know knows what I am talking about.
by Theresa rate this post as useful

I too loved this movie 2007/5/14 05:21
thanks to the person that posted where to find this movie. I remember it still now even though I was nearly a baby back then.
by gregg rate this post as useful

Is this movie available to buy 2007/9/10 13:49
I have been looking for this film in either vhs or dvd to show my kids. I tried next-gen video but couldn't find their site. Any other suggestions???
by Rowena rate this post as useful

vhs videos here 2007/10/24 04:12
I loved this movie!!! I still, 40 years later, remember the end. Fatty, looking down on the old schoolyard (or village - it has been 40 years, after all) shouts out, "Kumatsuuuuuu..., than youuu....." Every time I think of it I am gripped with melancholy built of days long gone by.
Only $19.95 at:
by josh rate this post as useful

I can't believe I finally found it! 2007/12/12 16:50
I have been looking for this movie for literally 40 years!! I began to believe I imagined it! You have no idea what it means to me to finally be able buy it.
This movie has stuck with me all of my life!
by Bill rate this post as useful

...where to buy... 2007/12/18 15:26
I read the review and like it very much. Will be in Tokyo/Sapporo shortly, where to buy a copy of Skinny and Fatty in DVD?
Thank you!
by tju rate this post as useful

Skinny and Fatty - DVD (I hope) 2008/4/2 07:59
If anybody here ever hears of a DVD of this movie coming out, gee, let me know. I love the VHS and all, but I sure would like to see the entire 50 minutes in it's original Japanese languge with English Subtitles - and hopefully restored too!! That would be soooo cool. Oh, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who remembers this film. I was about 11-12 when I first saw it (around 1971-1972). It was only in 2004 that I remembered it again - don't know why, but glad the brain cells made this movie surface again. Hehehehehee.
by Chuck Moran rate this post as useful

Childhood reflections 2008/4/20 02:34
Loved this movie! Rainy Saturdays watchng Kukla, Fran and Ollie. I am having a necessity to recapture my childhood happiness. All the shows I grew up on. Mister Rogers, Captain Kangaroo Sesame Street I could go on and on
by clare mcpherson rate this post as useful

another fond memory 2008/6/27 17:23
hey, something in my head made me remember this movie from an old place in my heart did some research, title is Chibideka Monogatari (1958) look at for more info
by h chin rate this post as useful

I remember... 2008/7/16 06:19
I saw this movie too as a child. Here it is over 40 years later and I still have thoughts about it. A very good movie about the value of friendship.
by bluesbob rate this post as useful

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