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Visa application Form to enter Japan 2009/7/22 18:00
Hello! Me again

I just went to the Ambassy of Japan to ask for a student visa. They give me a form to fill in, but I have one question. they ask me "length of stay in japan intented" and I don't know what I can put there. Actually, the Visa I ask for is a student visa only for three months, but after that I would like to change my visa coz I'll do an internship... So I stay more than six months in Japan. But shoul I say that I'll be in Japan three months (the lenght of my student visa) or six months (everything included)? I know the question is weird... sorry!
Thanks for your help!

And another thing, After my internship, I'll stay in Japan two more months to work on my thesis. What kind of cisa can I aks for that, if it exists? A cultural visa?
Thank uuuuuu

by Bagou  

... 2009/7/22 23:14
It might simply be best to explain the situation to the embassy/consulate and see what they say. So during the internship, you will have an employer and you will actually work in Japan for payment?

I don't know which country you come from, but if you are from a country where you get up to 90 days "temporary visitor status" without advance visa application from outside Jpaan, then switching from "trainee" or whatever visa your employer sponsors you to "temporary visitor status" for the last few months should be no problem, though you will not be able to do even part-time work on that status.

I wonder if there is any way to make it simple - I mean, the whole thing IS a university study course, isn't it?
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Thank you 2009/7/22 23:25
Exactly, this is what I thought, but the university in Tokyo said to me that I have to get a Trainee visa for my internship. I don't think I can use my student visa for it, even if it last for a year... I'll go bakc to the Ambassy friday and ask them. I'll see... Japan is so complicated... And if I can't get my third visa, I'll go to China and then go back to Japan as a tourist... Thank you for your answer though ;))
by Bagou rate this post as useful

visa hops 2009/7/23 08:38
If you do have to leave Japan, Korea is the better bet. It is closer than China, and you don't need a tourist visa for Korea whereas you will need one for China.

If you wish to do some travel in China then that's a different matter.

Also, when people do short trips to nearby countries after spending quite some time in Japan, and then come straight back in, it often makes Immigration suspicious that you are planning to work illegally and they may turn you away.

Make sure you have proof of funds to support yourself and do not tell them you will be doing anything that is outside the scope of a tourist permit- to do so would be breaking the law.
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Thank you...again 2009/7/23 15:20
Ok then It would be Korea, I really want to see that country also... And I've already heard about that matter that they can be suspicious if you come back too quickly. but thank you for everything anyway!!
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