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olympus ultra zoom 590uz 2009/7/23 08:50
Hello, I am going to Tokyo at the beginning aug.2009 for the first time (two weeks) and I need a new digital camera - what do you think about buying inside Japan instead at hoome.
Could I find cheap mp3-mp4 and digital camera web or store, akibara...etc?
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depends 2009/7/23 10:51
Are you specifically looking for the olympus ultra zoom 590uz? I'm not sure what your local prices are, but they cost about 60000 yen at retail stores in Japan.

If you want to research other models, a good place to look up electronic prices in Japan would be:




gives a better idea of how much it would cost at a retail store.

Be aware that cameras bought in Japan come with a Japanese warranty and manuals. Some cameras cannot change their menu language either. Sony in particular is only available in Japanese, while other brands only do Japanese and English. Nikon and Canon usually have many languages to choose from, but a recent canon I just bought only had Japanese and English. It would be best to check before purchasing the camera.

If the warranty and manual concern you then you can find international models around akihabara and narita airport. They typically cost a lot more than the domestic model and come with an international warranty and english manuals.
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However.... 2009/7/24 11:41
Olympus is the ONLY camera company that has a world wide warranty on all cameras, regardless of where they are sold. And Olypus also has English language on the cameras sold in Japan.
(However, check both of these at the shop)

a well known diiscount shop at Akihabara has the SP-590UZ for 36,500 yen.

See here:
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olympus 2009/7/24 12:55
Olympus is the ONLY camera company that has a world wide warranty on all cameras, regardless of where they are sold.

Hey thats great to know. I was unaware of that.

As for Kakaku, I was reluctant to post that as I find their best prices a little inaccessible to tourists, especially without japanese ability, or a japanese credit card/address.

I've recently been buying my cameras from listings on kakaku at great deals, but I find that the best deals always seem to only be available mail order.

Sandy, which is the well known store you're recommending? And is it easy to find?
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here's how 2009/7/25 08:49
Here's how I use Kakaku:

I find the product I'm looking for (helps if you can read katakana)
I select it, then you see a list of cheapest, going up in price.
Look for the Tokyo ones. (東京)

Select the store. Then at the left under the address, there is sometimes a map kanji (地図). Usually, it means that there is a shop. Click on it to see where it is. If you don't find the map that helpful, then you can do one other thing. Look at the address and copy it (e.g. 東京都台東区上野5-8-5 Make sure you copy only the place up to the 3rd number), then paste it into google, then click "maps". You will get a map of the location!!! 

The store I was refering to is PC-Bomber, which is very well known at Akihabara, although about 10min walk from the station. If you walk on the eastern side of the JR Yamanote/Keihin Tohoku line tracks from the station, you will find it. It's in the block after the second major road crossing under the train tracks. It's actually closer to Okachimachi station.
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kakaku 2009/7/25 12:53
Great advise. Myself, I'd only tried using the maps provided on the store homepages (which are always lacking in detail).

If you can understand it, Kakaku, is a great service for checking prices in Japan, especially the graphs showing the price history. But it does require some japanese to use effectively.

And thanks for recommending PC Bomber. I'm always looking for deals myself, and its good to know which stores are well known and not fly by night operations.
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