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remove white facepaint from kimono 2009/7/24 07:41
I have white facepaint on the edge lapel of my silk kinono and need a safe way to remove it.
by mick schafer (guest)  

. 2009/7/24 11:19
I don't know if I want to know why a guy named Mick is wearing a white face paint and a kimono. I don't know if you can get it anymore but there was some engine cleaner that worked very well for this purpose. Call your local funeral home and ask if you can find out how to get a product called dry wash. This is made out of that and works very well removing makeup from clothing.

Never mind how I know about this.
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drycleaning? 2009/7/24 17:06
Will a drycleaner not help you with this? They are the professionals, and their advice is likely to be much better than what you will get from an anonymous forum.

To "guest" above, kabuki actors are male, yet wear white facepaint and kimonos, so this situation is not unheard of.
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RE: remove white facepaint from kimono 2009/7/24 19:37
You'd better consult professionals like those in kimono fabric factories or dry cleaning services.
They would assume what the paint is made of by seeing its bottle and/or watching your kimono.
I suppose you can not expect them to assure the paint is removed as if nothing had happened, but there may be a way to make the imprint less noticeable, though it will cost time and money.

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hope you are in Japan 2009/7/24 22:28
The safest way to clean silk kimono is to have an "arai-hari" done, which is to have the whole thing unsewn, cleaned, and then sewn again, all by a specialist. But there are also "shimi-nuki" specialist who can take off stains easier and cheaper. These people can easily be found by searching the Japanese internet or asking your local kimono retailer. However, if you are overseas, I'm not sure how this could be done.
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