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Summer Sonic tickets! 2009/7/25 21:53
Hi guys,

We are coming over on Monday the 27th and would love to go to Summer Sonic in Osaka...but can not seem to book tickets!!!

Anyone know how to go about this? Maybe when we get there?
by becwitham  

No time to order before you arrive 2009/7/26 19:24
They sell them via Mosaico - there's a link on the SS site: http://www.summersonic.com/09/english/

If you're going to be flying now though then you'd be better off just picking some up when you're there. Some shops sell tickets from dispensing machines - though you'll have to be quick. 3 day Tokyo and Saturday Tokyo tickets are now sold out.
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i wouldn't... 2009/8/1 12:04
go through mosaicodiffusion, I bought a summersonic ticket from them one month ago and they just emailed me ten days before the show saying that they're having printing issues and that they're now going to send them to an address in japan. since i haven't prebooked any hotels in japan, this has turned into an ordeal. they're ruling out the option of sending the ticket to the venue. if i were you, i'd just try and find one while i'm there.
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