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Where can I go meet Japanese people? 2009/7/26 20:21
Hey everyone,

I was wondering does anyone know a place where I may go to in New York City to meet Japanese people?
by Matt (guest)  

. 2009/7/27 03:52
Look up to see if there is a local Japanese society there I'm sure they have one. Ours here gives Japanese lessons as well as having cultural activities.
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many places 2009/7/27 13:04
There is a japan society in Manhattan.

And there are many Japanese shops in NYC.
for example, on the 41st bet 5th Ave and Madison Ave, there are japanese book store, japanese supermarket, japanese restaurant and japanese cafe.
You can meet Japanese people there.

What do you want to do with them?(you want to be friends? or you want to work with them?)

Please tell us more detail. maybe we help you more.
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