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Japan sz 11 = what US size? 2009/7/27 15:20
I want to send my penpal a shirt. She says she's sz 11 in Japan. I tried using conversion charts but they seem unreliable. Judging from her pic, I think she fits US sz S and 6?

If anyone is around Japan sz 11, i would be really grateful with your advice on this size.

~Domo arigato!
by Zayla (guest)  

.... 2009/7/27 16:47
That would be US size 6 to 8 (I'm size 11 in Japan), but it also depends on what kind of shirt or what kind of cut/design you are looking at... if by the photo she seems to have slim shoulders/upper arms, then you could try 6.
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question... 2009/7/27 23:40
Usually, in the US, I'm either a 00 or 0... sometimes it may be a 2.

What would this be in Japan? Thanks!
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one shoulder tank top 2009/7/28 04:09
To AK: Thanks for confirming the size. I just bought a one shoulder tank top sz small(6) w/some elasticity to be safe. It seems like a sz L in Japan is more like a sz S in US. Did you find that to be true in your experience AK?

Again, domo arigato!
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. 2009/7/28 10:07

You mean bottoms, right? Try size 5 or 7.
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I mean... 2009/7/28 21:50
Like dress, pants/short size... I guess. Thanks for the help!
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6 8 2009/7/31 03:05
us size 8 is humungous! a 150 pounder can fit that. size 6 maybe 135 pounder. size 11 in japan is a tad smaller than size6
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not fat 2009/7/31 21:13
size 8 is not humungous. my mama is a size 20, betcha can't beat that!
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