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Buying a SanDisk Sansa 8GB mp3 player 2009/7/27 22:18
I want to buy a black SanDisk Sansa 8GB mp3 player but none of the stores I went to carries it (Big Camera, Labi etc). Does anyone know where I can buy it in Tokyo, or order it online? It's okay if it has to be ordered from abroad as long as it's not too expensive (retail price is about $100). Even amazon.co.jp doesn't have it, and the American version of Amazon doesn't wanna ship it to Japan. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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rakuten 2009/7/28 10:13
It seems to be available at one of the shops of rakuten.
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rakuten 2009/7/28 11:05
Just so you are aware, the one on rakuten is a 3 year old model at 3 times the price of the current model.

As far as I can tell, Sandisk has pulled the sansa line from Japan. They don't seem to offer it in stores and it has been removed from their Japanese website.

That leaves you with few options if that is the player that you want. Do you have someone in the US who can get it and ship it to you? Ebay would also be an option.

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しょうがない 2009/7/28 14:58
The mp3-player on the rakuten site is indeed not the one I'm looking for.
As you can probably tell by my English, I'm not American and don't know anyone in America either. I've tried e-bay, but most sellers won't ship to Japan or for a very heavy fee only.
Well, I guess I'll ask someone from my home country to buy one there and ship it to me. Unless someone has a better (cheaper) idea? :)
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ebay 2009/7/28 23:31
I had no idea that you are not from the US. Where are you from? Your english is better than mine.

Anyway, I did a little more searching on ebay and found 47 sellers who will ship to Japan. They typically charge less than $20 for shipping and handling which really is pretty good cause if you amazon could ship it here it would probably cost quite a bit more for shipping.

Also, exactly which model are you looking for? The Fuse, Clip or the View? All come in 8gb black models. If you don't mind silver, one seller had a fuse for $54 + $14 shipping.

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そりゃぞうだけど 2009/7/29 15:27
I'm from Holland. :)

Thanks for looking on e-bay for me and finding all those sellers. I will use it as a last resort as I prefer to buy it from a general store to avoid any guarantee issues that I may come across when the player breaks down and needs to get repaired.

I'm looking for the black Sansa Clip; sorry for not mentioning that earlier.

Thanks for your help!
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