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Q's about trendy kids/girls clothing 2009/7/27 23:46
Hi all,

I'll be going to Japan with my dad and lil sis. I want to prepare for my shopping experience becoz my dad gets very impatient when we waste too much of his time pulling him into clothing stores.

My sis is 12, 38kg and 153cm. I'm 13, 40kg, don't know my height but I'm slightly taller than my sis. I'm interested in knowing what brands and clothing shops cater to 10-16yr olds of our size in Japan? Trendy clothes are a plus.

My shoe size is EUR 36 (22.5cm Japan). Is that size found in kids or adults section? Which stores have a good selection of my size?

Thanks a lot!
by girlygurl (guest)  

Benneton 2009/7/28 19:08
Benneton on Omotesando Ave.
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shoes 2009/7/28 23:41
sz 22.5 shoes are ubiquitous. you probably have a better selection in womens.
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For teenage girls 2009/7/29 12:25
Go to 109 mall in Shibuya or a street called Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku.

Let your dad bring his favorite novel and have some coffee while you go about the shops. There are plenty of cafes in the area. 109 is one tall building and Takeshita-Dori is a straight and short road, so you can't get lost in either of them.
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Size labels 2009/7/31 01:23
All responses well noted. Really appreciate the help.

Another question:
How are clothes for age 16 & under labelled?
by age: 10,12,14,16? or
by height: 140, 150, 152, 160, 164?
or some other labelling system? It's great to know so I can save time rummaging racks.
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height 2009/7/31 10:31
Usually by height in centimeters. Also, you are of course free to try them on after asking the shop clerk.
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Clothes for bigger kids 2009/8/3 00:22
My DD is only 10, of average height 55'' (which I believe is around 140cm) and a little bit heavy (42kg). Will I have problems finding clothes for her?
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