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Lawsons for buying tickets? 2009/7/29 06:10
I think I'm going to need to use Lawsons for at least 2 events when I get over there, and I get the feeling that for someone like me with barely passable oral skills and negligible reading skills will have some trouble with it.

Assuming I can find a quiet enough Lawsons that a staff member will be able to help me, what's the best way to get across what I want? Is the L-code enough? Should I have the event, date/time and L-code written down in kanji? Or is this overkill?
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tix 2009/7/29 09:55
I'm living in Japan and can't speak the language very well at all, and i've bought lots of tickets. If you have the code, it is very very easy. if you write down all the details on a piece of paper, in English is fine if you cant write Japanese (date, artist/event, location, price, and of course the code) and ask the staff to help you, they will be more than happy to. Do you know how to say 'I want to buy a ticket', and 'Can you help me?'. This will make it easier. But don't worry, if you have all the information written down, the staff will help you.
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L-code 2009/7/29 10:02
The L-code is the most important thing. But do write down other details such as the date you want to go, place and who or what it is you want to see. It's not really necessary, but it will make it a little easier for the staff to feel confident that they have helped you buy the right ticket.
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. 2009/7/29 10:20
Take care with dates. Japanese use the form yyyy mm dd 2009-07-29

If you write xx yy 2009 nobody, including me, will understand what you mean without knowing where you come from (American vs rest of world basically). So, yeah, to avoid trouble try to do it the Japanese way.
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Dates 2009/7/29 15:41
I was just going to use what I thought was the Japanese notation:


(This may not come out right here, so it's basically as per this page http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/9%E6%9C%8815%E6%97%A5)
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Heheh 2009/7/29 15:42
The date came out right, but the wiki link got mangled. Anyway, I'm planning on using the notation as laid out above. Ignore the link.
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. 2009/7/29 17:03
Oh, if you're using the correct kanji, then any old order will do. Sorry, I just assumed (stupid me) you had no grasp of Japanese. :|
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kanji 2009/7/29 17:38
no problem, "guest". That's about the height of my skills in this regard, and I only know the way to do dates because I've got a large page of train reservations to be made.
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one more q 2009/8/14 19:05
Sorry for bringing back up an old thread, but thought it better than starting from scratch.

Since Lawson's is available all over the country, do I need to wait til I get to Tokyo before booking Tokyo-specific events, for example Sumo? Would I be better served going into the first Lawson's I come across upon arrival in Kyoto and doing it then?
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bump 2009/8/16 22:11
Apologies for this, but I really need to know; is it possible to get tickets for Tokyo-based events in a Lawson's in Kyoto?
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