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Big in Japan 2009/7/30 04:48
I'm a student who will be studying near Tokyo for a year, soon. My issue is that I'm a plus-size woman (hovering around size 20 jeans, usually at least XL top) and I know my kind is scarce over there.

What can I do? Are there shops I should know of? Places to shop online that will ship internationally?
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Torrid, Nissen 2009/7/30 17:05
First, to get an idea of your size in Japan, I'd recommend visiting Jshoppers.com. You should do your measurements and compare them to the one on the website. They sell Japanese clothing -- plus sized and regular sized to anyone OUTSIDE of Japan!

Two companies sell the most amount of plus sized items on Jshoppers: Nissen and Cecile. Nissen has a very nice online catalogue, but I don't know the Japanese website for it. I bet Cecile does too.

Other options include major department stores. I found a coat, a shirt, and some trousers in Isetan in shinjuku. Isetan is a very expensive store, but the customer service is fantastic, and I managed to get help by speaking only a few words of Japanese. I am a US 18 / UK 20 and they had plenty of sizes larger than me.

Good luck!
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coldwater creek 2009/7/31 20:55
coldwater creek sells your size and ships to japan
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On the same boat 2009/8/3 00:40
Excellent info!

I am also a plus size woman who will be living in Japan for a while.
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being a broad 2009/8/3 21:32
Hehe, it seems like all of us Western women have problems finding sizes in Japan. I'm average size, but finding things to fit my more hourglass figure has been a problem. One thing I've discovered is that the department store Marui (OIOI) has a "Marui Model" section with larger sizes (clothing and shoes!). Marui is a bit cheaper than places like Isetan, and I is geared more for women in the 20s and 30s.

I also recommend the website www.being-a-broad.com, which is a great resource for expat women living in Japan and has a great forum with an entire section on clothing! There are many threads about finding clothing, so that can help as well. Best of luck in Japan!
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Forgot to say Torrid 2009/8/5 04:04
Torrid, an American store also ships all over the world (UK, Japan, anywhere really).

Land's End ALSO ships to Japan, Germany, and the UK (but those countries only).
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Me too!!! 2009/8/17 05:16
Well I was gonna plan to lose weight and right now I'm also hovering around a size 20 too...do yukata's come in plus sizes??? and what ships international?
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. 2009/8/17 05:30
I had that same problem when I lived in Japan. What I did was I brought clothes with me and when I went home to visit I took an empty suitcase to bring replacement clothes with me. As for Yukata, they come in bigger sizes even Sumo wrestlers wear those.
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