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Hospital converted 2 Hotel (haunted!) 2009/7/31 10:38
I recently watched this programme from Hong Kong that one of the hotels in Tokyo that was converted from a hospital to a hotel which is known to be very haunted. Most tours from Hong Kong would stay in this hotel and since it was a hospital before, their lifts are very , very big
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. 2009/7/31 19:48
Ok, and?
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haunted!!! 2009/8/2 17:21
AND... after 2 am anyone getting in one of the lifts would find a medical bed with a patient totally covered in bandages, like a mummy. The guest would try to get out of the lift but the door was already closed. As the lift went up the patient would slowly, slowly, slowly, rise from the bed, pointing a bandaged hand towards the guest and the bed itself moved slowly towards the lift door and.....
come on, guys and gals....please add you own paragraph! let's see how weird it can be..
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No funny reply please! 2009/8/3 12:00
I wish to find out if anyone know which hotel is this.

For those who don't know, please don't post funny reply, it's ill-manners!
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question 2009/8/3 12:19

you still haven't asked a question
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Yes, I have asked :) 2009/8/3 13:04
I would like to know if anyone know which hotel this is based on the clues. Thanks.
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more clues 2009/8/3 14:12
sorry, i see it now.

Can you give us more clues?
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Thanks. 2009/8/3 15:15
Sorry, I don't have any more details, the hosts didn't really elaborate and of course they can't mention the hotel's name. He only mentioned it's well known in Tokyo... A lot of tourists from Hong Kong would stay there.

Thanks again.
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ghosts?? 2009/8/4 04:12
First of all when a building is converted to another use it is gutted, as rooms have to be totally redone. Secondly people in hospitals die of natural death not a crime, then are properly buried. . Ghosts are souls of people that were killed in a crime and their body hidden, or burned or thrown in a river or ...so they were not properly buried, with their relatives, or someone else, present to honour their passing away.
I worked in many old hospitals and also lived in old houses (all several centuries old) where many people had died. I even slept in the beds of dead people! NO GHOSTS ANYWHERE
That story about the hotel is silly.
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Red Frog is wrong 2009/8/4 05:29
Ghosts don't need to die tragically or have their body not properly disposed of to become ghosts. Also, gutting a building can actually stir the ghosts up and make them active.
I lived in a mortuary for awhile when I was in college. We properly and respectfully took care of the dead and that place was still haunted. Also, I knew a lot of people who worked in hospitals that said they experienced hauntings there.
Don't say something doesn't exists unless you can prove it doesn't.
I wouldn't doubt the hotel is haunted if it was a hospital plus many deaths occur in hotels too.
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Thanks . reply 2009/8/4 09:23
Thanks . reply. I sincerely agree what you have written. To me I feel ghosts are everywhere, I know some died of natural course but not all of them, some unwillingly died and some still have lots of things undone that is why they still linger in this world. Thanks again.
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This getting interesting.. 2009/8/4 12:49
Hi Blossom88... Did host mention which part of tokyo ?
R u from Hong Kong ? Maybe you could try asking the tour agencies in Hong Kong where do they normally put up their tour group ??
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Thanks Yumi 2009/8/4 12:51
Thanks Yumi, no, I don't like in HK therefore, it's not possible to call the host of this programme and this was one of the old episodes :(
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Sorry, I just NEED to comment on this... 2009/8/4 21:44
"Don't say something doesn't exists unless you can prove it doesn't."

In science, it's not a law until it can be proven by multiple people that the theory WORKS time and time again. I love ghost stories, but how can you be so ignorant?

Anyway, please find out about the hotel so I can go stay in it :)
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