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Rhodesian Ridgeback 2009/8/1 10:10
I am trying to locate a reputable breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Japan. This seems to me doubtful, but, just in case, if anyone reading this has information, please reply. Thanks!
by Zen Archer  

Hmm 2009/8/2 02:47
Are you going to be returning to your home country with your dog soon? I own two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and while they are both extremely intelligent now, during their puppy years they were fairly destructive, required a lot of attention, and needed frequent exercise. Therefore, if you are returning to your home country within the next two years, do not subject them to a 10+ plane ride back + few days in quarantine. (Also, the cost of a large animal carrier is anything but cheap)

Japan is expensive. They are large dogs and require feedings at least twice a day (don't forget daily dry food). So, depending on your salary it's going to be tight.

Also, unless you have had experience training dogs I would not recommend a Rhodesian Ridgeback in Japan lol. They are surprisingly strong. But! If you've already considered all this, good luck and enjoy your new friend!
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