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Japanese Novel Recommendations 2009/8/1 15:58
I am very interested in Japanese literature and I will be in Japan 2 weeks later. Generally I like mystery books.

I have two questions:

1) Are there any popular mystery books that you can recommend me? (the ones that I can find easily in many book stores in Japan)

2) Do you have any recommandations for popular Japanese novels of other genres? (I want to find them easily at bookstores)

Thanks in advance!
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Miyuki Miyabe 2009/8/5 04:08
I like Miyuki Miyabe's books -- they're mystery books. They often involve the police. The first one I read was "All she was worth."

My fav. Japanese author is Murakami Haruki. I've read everything by him except for his non-fiction books. He's just released a new book in Japanese, but it won't be out in any other languages (don't know where you're from) for a while, except maybe German.

Audition is a movie and a novel (by Murakmi RYU) which was apparently JUST translated into English after forever.

Banana Yoshimoto is another good author, but not a mystery writer.
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Tower Records 2009/8/24 17:26
I agree with PP. Harumi Murakami is a good recommendation. If you're buying books in English in Tokyo, you should go to the top floor of Tower Records in Shibuya. That's the biggest import books section I've found anywhere- quite amazing, stuff I can't even get in England- and with a sizeable section from Japanese authors. It was right next to the travel books and other books about Japan the time we went.
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