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Any Sumo in Kyoto 4-9 September 2009? 2009/8/3 21:56
Hoping if someone can advise if there are any sumo tournaments in Kyoto during the period of 4-9 September 2009? Roughly how much for entry/a seat? Thanks!
by Genmaisencha  

.. 2009/8/4 08:40
I don't think there is any. Sorry
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Yes 2009/8/4 09:22
Yes, about 200USD for a seat
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... 2009/8/4 10:47
The main tournament in Sept. takes place in Tokyo, from Sept. 13 - 27.

The regional tournaments go around different parts of Japan in August and October, but unfortunately not in September.
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Sumo in September 2009/8/4 13:28
AK is right- there will not be only regional tournaments right before the September grand sumo tournament- all the wrestlers are practicing for the major event.

It's not necessarily $200 a seat either, there is a range of prices.
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ticket prices 2009/8/5 09:41
As everyone has metioned the September Tournament is in Tokyo. And general seating tickets are 2100 yen, while the most expensive ringside tickets are 14300 yen (but are difficult to get). Ticket info can be found here:


and here's a service that will assist in buying tickets:

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Seating? 2009/8/21 05:24
I'm looking at buying tickets to the Sumo match in Tokyo starting Sept 13th. I wanted to buy the cheapest tickets, Arena C, does anyone know if those are decent seats? Will I actually be able to see the sumo wrestlers clearly? I'm not sure how big these sumo arenas are. Thank you!
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