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Laptop price in Tokyo. 2009/8/4 01:55
Hello, I am going to stay in Tokyo from 19 August as a TUJ student. I need to buy a Laptop (perhaps Sony Vaio/HP/Acer/Dell). Can anybody please tell me the price range of a modest (2.0Ghz, 180G HD, 2G RAM, etc) Laptop?
And most important thing, is it possible to get an English version (English OPERATING system) Laptop??
It would be an enormous help. Thanks in advance.
by mdmasudrana  

... 2009/8/4 14:19
I don't think you can get one with an English OS/keyboard very easily or cheaply. For prices, you can check Dell Japan.
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.... 2009/8/4 21:23
depends on where ya buy it.

yodabashi and bic camera stores carry english OS laptops, also places that advertise as duty free shops also sometimes carry english laptops. price range can be from about 500 dollars or 50000 yen to more exspensive. Ive even seen the english models be more exspensive then the japanese version.

there are cheaper laptops but they will be used and have wear.

if you do get a japanese model be aware you will need to have either xp pro or vista ultimate to switch to the the english version of windows from japanese.

from my camparisons to models back home in canada to the one here pricing can be about the same or even cheaper. i would think the same would hold of the US models maybe even cheaper for new models.

voltage from an american or english laptop is usally not a problem due to the fact that most laptops have the ability to work on multiple types of voltage.

just make sure if you buy one in north america or uk, australia, new zealand or where ever your from that you have the correct plug adapter.

I hope that has been of some help.

dangit, now i wanna go down to yodabashi or bic before i fly home to canada
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Akihabara 2009/8/5 16:50
Your coming to the right place,
Your in Tokyo right so go to Akihabara District for all your electronic and otaku goods you will find in the bigger computer stores English versons, I bought my Sony (Laptop) for 90,000 yen not a bad price for a new computer.
You will find what you need in Akihabara.

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Not that cheap 2009/8/5 23:12
With the exchange rate how it is. I didnt find the prices that cheap especially with English OS. I ended up buying at home.
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