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Birthday present 2009/8/4 15:11
The birthday present is for a friend (Japanese) whom I met through an exchange program and became close friends with last year. She has a sweet tooth, a passion for fashion especially mini skirts, loves dogs. Therefore for her 22nd birthday, I have a hard time deciding between:-

(from California, USA)

A. See's candies chocolates
B. A few pairs of undies from Victorias Secret + a small dog plush from Victorias Secret
C. A mini skirt from American Eagle

I am afraid A. might melt in transit to Japan. If you were me, would you get her B or C?

Love to hear opinions, thanks!
by Emi (guest)  

About See's 2009/8/4 17:20
As a big See's fan, I can only answer about A.

I know you are trying to ship by yourself, but just for reference, See's never shipped overseas during summer for fear that the chocolates will melt. Also, now the American office doesn't ship overseas at all as they have 2 shops in Japan (both in Tokyo). But I'm a weird women who'd love See's even if it's melted!
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Melted chocolates 2009/8/5 02:17
She doesn't mind melted chocolates either. I gave her See's chocolates that were somewhat melted last year (it was mid summer), and asked her to freeze them. She just couldn't resist and started eating them!

I am sure she would still be pleased if the chocolates arrive melted, but I feel somewhat bad if a birthday present doesn't arrive in the same condition I sent it.

Thanks Uco! I am still considering chocolates as it seems ppl who love chocolate very much would still accept them whole-heartedly even after they have melted.
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mini skirt 2009/8/6 02:17
I vote for mini skirt if your sure of her size. It's likely to cost you the least to post among your 3 options.
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